Issue 21

Issue 21, which has yet to be named, will be released on May 31st 2018, with a gig in The Thomas House.

February the 9th, 2014

Following the launch of our second issue on August the 9th 2013, exactly one year after the first, we realised that we could increase our output and hold on to the most important thing: the number 9. Three months later, we launched our third issue on November the 9th - our second and last publication of that year.

This Is Not Where I Belong* hopes your new year is going splendidly so far, and we invite you to come celebrate the launch of our fourth issue.

In tandem with this issue, we will be launching the debut EP by Dublin band Segrasso (in charming full-colour art-book format).

The date:
Sunday the 9th of February
The venue:
The Workman’s Club,
Wellington Quay,
Dublin 2
The price:
€5 with a copy of the zine or the EP
€8 with a copy of both
The acts:
Oisín McCole
Naoise Roo

The zine will include a free download of the first This Is Not Where I Belong* Mixtape. All nine songs have been comissioned for the compilation. The track list will comprise 6 brand new songs and 3 cover versions.


Infrequently Asked Questions

What number is an auspicious one for This Is Not Where I Belong*?

9 is an auspicious number for This Is Not Where I Belong*.

Every February, May, August and November This Is Not Where I Belong* releases a zine on which date?

This Is Not Where I Belong* releases a zine on the 9th of every February, May, August and November.

In multiples of what number do contributors occur?

Contributors occur in multiples of 9.

This site seems asymmetric, why is that?

The site is based on a 9 column grid which can’t be evenly divided in 2

And how many songs are there on the This Is Not Where I Belong* mixtape?

Each This Is Not Where I Belong* mixtape has 9 songs.

Does This Is Not Where I Belong* accept submissions?

Yes. We accept submissions for every issue. The deadline for each issue is one month before publication. Therefore, the deadline for the February issue is the 9th of January, the deadline for the May issue is the 9th of April, the deadline for the August issue is the 9th of July and the deadline for the November issue is the 9th of September. Commas.


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